Kurukshetra is currently in its very early stage. A lot of features and enhancements will added to the framework coming down the lane. A few of them are listed here.

Kurukshetra is fairly a very new project, and is currently in its early stage. A lot of feature requests and enhancements are already planned and will be added to the framework in a periodic manner.

  • Support for more programming languages including but not limited to Java, NodeJs and Ruby on Rails.

  • Write more challenges along with unittests to cover all the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and host it online.

  • Gamification of the whole framework by introducing scoreboard based on challenge solving points (predefined points are already available for challenges based on difficulties).

  • Add hints section and parse it properly into the challenge.php so that hints are also available for the challenges along with instructions.

The points listed above are couple of ideas which we have in mind to do going ahead with Kurukshetra. If you have any ideas/feature requests which is not listed below, feel free to raise an issue in github.